Burl and Toby
  RIP my beloved Toby 
March 1994-April 2010
Toby's Tailwag Petsitting
Love and care when you can't be there
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Proud Member:
Toby in his younger days
Toby  and   Corinne   (owner)
Happy Toby!
Do you work long hours? Are you planning a vacation? A new baby leaving you no time or energy to walk the dog? You need a pet sitter!

Hi, my name is Corinne, and daily dog walks and in-home, small-animal pet care are what I do here at Toby's Tailwag, which is named for my beloved dog of 16 years. Sadly, Toby has passed, but his name lives on.

You can rest easy knowing that your animals will be lovingly cared for. I'm a sole proprietorship so you know exactly who will be in your home and caring for your animals. I am also insured, for your peace of mind.

Experience: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, fresh and saltwater fish, chickens, small rodents, and some lizard types.

Serving: Mars, Adams Ridge, Treesdale, Seven Fields.

Please note: I am no longer able to do pet sitting for dogs or other animals who require more than one visit per day. Cats, fish, birds, other small animals who only need a visit once per day are gladly accepted.
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Introducing my new puppy, Gus. He's a boxer/lab mix, born August 6, 2010. He has brought puppy joy back into my life!
Birthday boy is one!
                     Baby Gus...
this pose in memory of Toby